Remembering Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking passed away yesterday. He was 76. He visited the Black Hole Initiative in 2016 (pictured above).  In 2006, Prof. Shing-Tung Yau helped arrange Prof. Hawking’s visit to China, where he has remained a popular cultural figure. In the words of Prof. Yau, “He was very friendly and was willing to explain physics to laymen…. Continue reading

Symplectic Geometry and Mirror Symmetry with Hansol Hong

Hansol Hong (CMSA Postdoc) describes his current research at the Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications.

Check out the program page for the Simons Collaboration on Homological Symmetry here:


Quantum Cohomology, Nakajima Vareties and Quantum groups

During the Spring 2018 Semester Artan Sheshmani (QGM/CMSA) will be teaching a CMSA special lecture series on Quantum Cohomology, Nakajima Vareties and Quantum groups. The lectures will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 1:00 to 3:00pm in room G10, CMSA Building.

Videos from the Workshop on Algebraic Methods in Combinatorics


The workshop on Algebraic Methods in Combinatorics took place November 13-17, 2017 at the Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications as part of the program on Combinatorics and Complexity.

The main focus of the workshop is the application of algebraic method to study problems in combinatorics.  In recent years there has been a large number of results in which the use of algebraic technique has resulted in significant improvements to long standing open problems. Such problems include the finite field Kakeya problem, the distinct distance problem of Erdos and, more recently, the cap-set problem. The workshop will include talks on all of the above mentioned problem as well as on recent development in related areas combining combinatorics and algebra.

The following playlist contains videos from the workshop:

More videos can be found on our Youtube channel.