Scenes from Big Data 2017

(Above) Big Data 2017 attendees, speakers and organizers pose for a group photo on the steps of Harvard’s Littauer Center.

Mohammad Akbarpour opens the conference with a presentation on information aggregation (Above).

(Above) Co-organizer Richard Freeman (right) introduces presenter Lucas Janson (left) to the crowd. (Below) Janson describes his framework of model-free knockoffs for high-dimensional controlled variable selection.


(Above) Attendees serve themselves fruit and other refreshments during the Friday morning break.

(Above) Co-organizer Scott Kominers (right) introduces Bradly Stadie (left) to the audience. (Below) Stadie reviews the work of Open AI on meta-learning methods, and highlights a promising test from the week prior involving the multiplayer online game “Dota 2.”


(Above) Members of the audience follow along with a presentation by Bradly Stadie.

(Above) Co-organizer Horng-Tzer Yau addresses several conference attendees during one of the breaks.

(Above) Co-organizers Richard Freeman (left) and Jun Liu (right) chat before the presentations begin.

(Above) Lucas Janson highlights his work for the crowd.

(Above) Big Data 2017 speakers and organizers speak amongst themselves before posing for another group photo (Below).