Inside CMSA’s Nonlinear Equations Program

CMSA has been hosting a special program on nonlinear equations. Most physical phenomena, from the gravitating universe to fluid dynamics, are modeled on nonlinear differential equations. The subject also makes close connections with other branches of mathematics. In particular, some of the deepest results in complex geometry and topology were obtained through solutions of nonlinear equations.

The subject underwent rapid developments in the last century and foundational results were established. Compared to linear equations, the difficulty of solving nonlinear equations is of a different order of magnitude and the methods employed in solving them are also much more diversified. To this date, it is an active field with recent exciting discoveries and renewed interests, and several long standing problems seem to be within reach. The special year aims to spur activity in this subject, to provide a natural setting for the most cutting edge results to be communicated, and to facilitate interaction among researchers of different backgrounds.

To learn more about the program and the participants, take a trip over to the main CMSA site!

We’ll be posting some interviews with some of the researchers participating in program.
Stay tuned!

Inside CMSA’s Big Data Conference: Prof. Susan Athey (Stanford)

Professor Susan Athey discusses her research on big data and machine learning, and her CMSA Big Data conference talk, “Machine Learning and Causal Inference for Policy Evaluation.”

Her talk discusses the use of machine learning techniques to evaluate policies in social science applications and medicine.

Inside CMSA’s Big Data Conference: Prof. Ronitt Rubinfeld (MIT, CSAIL)

Professor Ronitt Rubinfeld discusses her research on big data and her upcoming CMSA Big Data conference talk, “Something for almost nothing: sublinear time approximation algorithms.”

Prof. Rubinfeld’s talk begins at 2:45 pm on August 26, 2015 in Harvard University’s Science Center Hall C.